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In this article I Share the 12th Class Biology Guess Paper 2020. This Guess Paper for 12th Class Part 2 for Biology Books 2020 is a fresh Guess Paper for the Students.

12th Class Biology Guess Paper 2020

12th Class Biology Guess Paper 2020

Biology Short Questions for 2nd Year

  1. Define homeostasis with examples. (2)
  2. What are heat shock proteins? (2)
  3. What is the hypertonic and hypotonic environment and what changes occur in the cell in this environment? (2)
  4. Differentiate between osmoconformers and osmoregulators. (5)
  5. Differentiate between active flight and passive flight. (2)
  6. What are flame cells, give their role. (2)
  7. Differentiate between shivering thermogenesis and non-shivering thermogenesis.
  8. Define endotherms, ectotherms and heterotherms. (2)
  9. Write four adaptations of xerophytes and hydrophytes and mesophytes. (3)
  10. Write functions of photoreceptors and nociceptors.
  11. Write the structural formula for urea and uric acid. (2)
  12. Differentiate between fibres and sclereids. (2)
  13. Differentiate between afferent and efferent arterioles.
  14. Define lithotripsy. (2)
  15. What is haemodialysis? Give its importance.
  16. What is foramen triosium? How is it formed?
  17. Differentiate between photonasty and thermonasty.
  18. Define phototactic and chemotactic movements with examples. (2)
  19. Name the unpaired facial bones.
  20. Differentiate between epical, lateral and intercalary meristems. (3)
  21. What is blastoderm? Name its layers.
  22. What is hematoma formation?
  23. How callous is formed?
  24. What is a synovial joint?
  25. Give composition of the exoskeleton in molluscs and arthropods. (2)
  26. Differentiate between hyaline and fibrocartilage. (2)
  27. What is sciatica? Give its causes?
  28. Differentiate between effective and recovery strokes?
  29. What is non-disjunction? Give its effects.
  30. What is rickets? Give its causes and treatment. (2)
  31. Differentiate between growth and development.
  32. Explain testicular feminization syndromes.
  33. What are the internal factors which affect the process of growth?
  34. Define cell cycle. Give its phases.
  35. How cytokinesis occur in animals and plants?
  36. What is mitotic apparatus?
  37. Explain homologous and analogous organs. (2)
  38. Give importance of mitosis.
  39. What is metastasis? Write its importance. (2)
  40. Differentiate between apoptosis and necrosis. (2)
  41. What is discoidal cleavage?
  42. Write the symptoms and causes of Down’s syndrome? (3)
  43. Define hardy Weinberg’s theorem. Give its formula. (4)
  44. What are vestigial organs? Give two examples. (3)
  45. Define apomixes. (2)
  46. What is menopause and after birth? (2)
  47. Differentiate between oogenesis and spermatogenesis.
  48. Give role to the hypothalamus as the endocrine gland.
  49. Describe oestrous cycle and menstrual cycle. (3)
  50. What are effectors? Give their types.
  51. Name only types of innate behaviour.
  52. Differentiate between neurula and neurocoel.
  53. Define primary organizer and primary induction.
  54. Draw and label sensory neuron.
  55. Define reflex arc. (3)
  56. Differentiate between nerves and ganglia.
  57. What is salutatory impulse?
  58. What are effects of nicotine on coordination?
  59. Give three possible ways to get the gene of interest. (2)
  60. Give two goals of the human genome project.
  61. Define recombinant DNA. Role of lambda phage. (2)
  62. What are transgenic plants? (3)
  63. How artificial selection is different from natural selection.
  64. Define genomic library.
  65. State theory of special creation.
  66. What is haploid and diploid parthenogenesis? Give one example. (3)
  67. Name four common features to the aquatic ecosystem.
  68. Name two factors which influence life on land.
  69. Define soil and give its basic constituents. (2)
  70. How can we save energy? Give four ways. (2)
  71. Define euchromatin. (2)
  72. What is cretinism?
  73. Describe gonorrhoea.
  74. What is the transformation? (2)
  75. Sketch phosphodiester bond. Give example. (3)
  76. What is allele and gene and gene pool and gene frequency? (4)
  77. What is probe? Give its uses.
  78. What is lactation? How is it controlled?
  79. What is genetic drift? Genetic code. Fixed alleles (5)
  80. Name any four animals declared extinct in Pakistan.
  81. Define homozygous and heterozygous alleles. (4)
  82. What is Epistasis? What is Bombay Phenotype? Dominance (3)
  83. Differentiate between genotype and phenotype.
  84. Define neo-Darwinism. (2)
  85. What is true breeding variety? (2)
  86. Define ecosystem.
  87. What is predation? Give its significance. (2)
  88. What is biosphere? (biome too) (3)
  89. What is MODY? (3)
  90. Define diurnal rhythms. How they are different from circannual rhythms and biorhythms. (2)
  91. What is a hormone. Define antidiuretic hormone? (2)
  92. What is seed dormancy? Give its importance. (2)
  93. Write commercial application of cytokinins.
  94. Differentiate between oviparous and viviparous and ovoviviparous animals. (3)
  95. Differentiate between alpine and boreal forests. (2)
  96. explain temperate deciduous forests? (2)
  97. What are palindromic sequences? Give their significance. (2)
  98. Write down the types of living organisms found in limnetic zone. (its life) (2)
  99. Differentiate between climate and weather. (3)
  100. Define renewable and non-renewable resources. (5)

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